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Your HVAC system is vital to your comfort during the hot summer months on Long Island. All Island Mechanical provides licensed HVAC maintenance on all HVAC Systems. Our detailed maintenance checklist covers all seasonal maintenance items you system requires.

HVAC Maintenance Keeps Your System Performing All Season Long

Just like a scheduled oil change on your car, your HVAC system should be maintained regularly to ensure it runs at maximum efficiency.

Does HVAC Maintenance Offer Any Benefits?

Improved System Efficientcy :
Over time, your furnace, heat pump, and/or air conditioning system collects dust, dirt, and debris. This is especially true when the system sits dormant for long periods of time. As part of our HVAC maintenance program, we’ll tune-up your system and ensure it’s running as efficiently as possible. We’ll also clear it of any debris so you and your family breathe clean, healthy air all year long.

Extended Equipment Lifespan :
On average, you can expect your heating and cooling equipment to last between 10 – 16 years (depending on the make, model, age, location, etc.) With an HVAC maintenance program, your system may last up to 20 years or longer!

Reduced Repair Costs :
Regular seasonal maintenance to your HVAC systems , will reduce repair costs for your cooling system.

Compliance With Manufacturer Warrenties :
Did you know that most HVAC manufacturer warranties are only valid if annual maintenance is performed (and documented) on the system from a professional HVAC contractor? This could lead to your paying for expensive repairs or system replacements that would otherwise be covered by the manufacturer—don’t let this happen to you.

What Does HVAC Maintenance Cover?

1. Check the thermostat: Our experienced HVAC technician will make sure your systems thermostat is calibrated correctly to ensure optimal comfort. If you don’t have a programmable thermostat installed, our technician may recommend one and install it for you during your maintenance visit.

2. Tighten electrical connections: Loose electrical connections are dangerous and can cause problems that may shorten your systems lifespan. We will also measure the voltage and current on your equipment's motors.

3. Lubricate all moving parts: An HVAC system that is not properly lubricated creates high amounts of friction in the system. Unnecessary friction will cause it to overheat and eventually break down. Lubrication during regular HVAC maintenance helps parts move smoothly, reduces energy use and costs.

4. Inspect the condensate drain: Cooling equipment and condensing furnaces produce condensate when they operate. Under normal conditions, the condensate collects in a pan and drains away to the outside. However, over time sludge or algae can form in the drain pipe and create a blockage. During times of high usage, the drain pan may overflow and cause water damage to the equipment or your home. A technician checks the condensate drain to make sure it’s draining properly and cleans it out if necessary.

5. Check system controls: The start cycle, operation and shut-off sequence should occur in a particular fashion. The technician checks the controls to make sure everything is operating safely and properly.

6. Clean and adjust the blower: Issues with the blower can decrease equipment efficiency by up to 15 percent. Making adjustments ensures proper airflow and ample home comfort.

7. Clean the evaporator and condenser coils (cooling specific): Soiled coils slowly decrease efficiency and make the equipment run longer. Cleaning the coils annually is an important part of maintaining the A/C’s capacity, ensuring lower energy bills and prolonging equipment life.

8. Check refrigerant charge (cooling specific): If the air conditioner was charged too high at installation, you could be paying much more than necessary to cool your home. An undercharged system also can develop if the system has a leak. A technician checks for these circumstances, repairs any leaks that are present, and recharges the system if necessary.

Complete Maintenance On All HVAC Systems

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